Bato Kraguljac, Certified Energy Healer and Lifestyle/ Transformational Coach

Untitled (2)Bato is a Certified Energy Healer and Lifestyle/ Transformational Coach, dedicated to assisting people in opening up to a greater possibility within themselves, that will allow for transformation of their everyday life.

His area of expertise includes Energy Healing and Personal, Inter-Personal and Trans-Personal Coaching.


Ethereal Energy Healing – is a very subtle and transformational energy healing modality, that makes permanent changes in light filaments of the body, and replaces the disharmonious information and energies with ethereal light frequencies. This in turn restores the natural state of perfect health and well-being, and brings harmony and balance to the totality of you.

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Removal of Discordant Energy – this service includes space and land clearing, individual clearing, and guidance on organizing the living space for the harmonious energy flow.

During the session, any discordant energy or discarnate entities are being removed from your aura, living space, and land on which you live. After the clearing you will receive the guidance on how to maintain harmony in your living space, and energetically empower it.

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Detox- is based on understanding of the natural functions and needs of human body, that will allow you to provide your body with what it needs for optimal function. As a result, your body will be restored to the natural state of homeostasis and optimal health and well-being.

In addition you will receive information and guidance about detoxifying your body and living environment, from any nutritional, chemical and electro-magnetic pollution. This will allow you to cleanse yourself and your living environment from inside out, and have more understanding of how to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Emotional Freedom Coaching –  Emotional Freedom allows you to understand your emotional states, where they come from and how to manage them. This session provides tremendous personal empowerment, as it allows you to deal with difficult situations with ease that comes from having emotional stability and resiliance.             As a result your perception, attitude and approach to life, will dramatically change for the better.

Mastering Relationships Coaching – This session allows you to understand relationships from an empowered perspective, which will have a tremendous impact on your personal and professional life. All levels of your inter-personal interaction, including intimate, family, business relationships and friendships will come into harmony and balance, as a product of understanding of underlying, sub-conscious relationship dynamics and practical application of the tools.



Energy Healing Session ~ $150

Personal Coaching Sessions ~ $250

Removal of Discordant Energy ~ $350



“For the first time ever I don’t feel like I’m floundering and wishing I had tools to help me. I don’t feel helpless, I feel empowered! I find ease in just about everything I do. I don’t get angry about… anything really, and I used to. I feel peaceful, content and happy just being me!”

– Valerie Ferro

“Bato comes across as someone very genuine and full of integrity, and committed to helping people so I felt I could trust him. As the days went by after the first session I felt that something has opened up in me. I became more confident and I have finally found a direction in life. This is a huge shift for me, as my doubt and insecurities are gone!”

– Tracie Lin

“I felt a lot of energy move. It felt like we were moving through layers, and at a certain point I could feel my own field move and expand. I felt low vibration leave my body, several times. I also felt towards the end that both of my hand were being held, by… (client shaking her head) I don’t know what… I felt like I had a support basically. I have never experienced anything like this before, ever! I received energy work from… (client listing different healing technologies and modalities that we choose not to list) and other practitioners, all different kinds of healing modalities… I’ve never experienced anything like this!”

– Aurora Michelle Luna

“I trust you, otherwise I wouldn’t be on your table. I wouldn’t work with anyone that I don’t feel a very high frequency from actually. And regarding the healing, I felt the love, and the intention coming through. A person can have the greatest technique, but if there is no love… (client shaking her head) And with you, I felt enourmous love, enourmous energy, enourmous light… on a very high level. As a long time energy worker, I can feel when the energy is strong and pure, and it certainly was in this session. It was a deep clearing and deep activation. What you are doing is a blessing for many people.” – Diana Gazes

“The session was awesome! Since working with you I am feeling 500% better and more confident, no more constant worries or paranoia. I can feel people’s thoughts and the energy attached to words. I feel calm and strong, having strong focus and feel like I am connected to the infinite source of energy!”

– Zachary Watson

“I had a breast cancer about 14 years ago, and I never even think about it anymore, but I know that the chemo and radiation have done damage to my lungs, and during the session I felt that my lungs and bones of the rib-cage were being healed. It was amazing… (client is being emotionally moved and crying) …thank you…

Also, during the session I was seeing visions, and I normally don’t see things clairvoyantly, but this time I had both physical/ physiological sensations and visions. I also felt that there was a lot of presence and assistance in the room, and I received a visual communication when I asked for it, which is not normal for me, and that was really cool (client laughing). Thank you very much!”

– Bonnie Blake


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or contact him directly at 925-297-7627

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